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Perseo Communication

A brief presentation of Bicicletta pedalata assistita

Perseo Communication Ltd is a joint venture multinational corporation that was established in London, United Kingdom. The company is led by an experienced Executive Director with over 25 years of expertise in advertising, marketing, communication, television commercial production, television broadcasting, and IT technology development. We use artificial intelligence and metaverse technology to power up advertising strategies for our clients. We are currently a leading company that offers a wide range of solutions to empower the businesses of our customers worldwide.

Contrary to our competitors, our main focus is to follow up on your business activity like it’s ours! We keep control of your growth and reduce your as soon as we can your costs."

With Perseo Communication, you can enhance your domestic and international sales strategies and expand your company to other markets. Our sales managers and affiliates possess high skills and professional experience in corporate management to create the ideal corporate environment for your business needs.

By constantly analyzing market trends and requirements, we maintain a database of over 10 million potential customers worldwide through our Shopping TV Media Portals and Marketplaces.

Contrary to our competitors, we don’t simply list our customers' products creating competition to each other!!. Instead, we create marketing campaigns that start to create benefits and sales for each of our customers.”

Our location is in London, UK with correspondent partners in France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Dubai (UAE), United States of America (New York and Miami).

About Bicicletta Pedalata Assistita

Bicicletta Pedalata Assistita starts its business operation in July 2016 with the main focus on supplying a dedicated marketplace for the world of e-bikes and bikes lover.

Contrary to standard sites that simply provide a listing price services where the price does not mean effective high quality and performance, you will find in Bicicletta Pedalata Assistita promotional sales only high standard quality electric e-bikes, skateboard, and accessories.

To satisfy all our public worldwide, we have selected a restricted number of sales affiliate electric bikes producer that we checked and verified for their high-quality standard, offering you the best effective and competitive price.

Our advertising campaigns are built with AI Humanoids and Avatars to power more customer engagement and audience.

Bicicletta pedalata assistita provides viewers with a new and exciting way to shop. Our state-of-the-art proprietary interactive TV technology allows us to broadcast video commercials in full HD 24 hours a day, offering our consumers the best prices at the right time. Our customers can watch our Shopping TV video commercials and purchase in real-time products they see, in the best condition we can offer.

Are you an electric bike producer with high-quality standards, you can contact our sales affiliate partner department to access our different marketing solutions to maximize your sales. We can promote your products and/or services to over 390,000 potential customers.

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Bicicletta Pedalata Assistita

Perseo Communication

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